The Center for Urban School Partnerships, in connection with the Urban Education Program, supports students in producing and publishing research. Additionally, through the center’s regional, national and international partnerships, the Urban Education Program sponsors students to attend and present their research at prominent conferences across the world. 

International, National and State Conferences

  • Carter, N. (2012). Successful policies and practices in urban youth learning. Regional Expert Meeting for the Follow-up of CONFINTEA VI in Africa: Increasing the participation of youth and adults in learning and education, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Praia, Cape Verde (West Africa).
  • Carter, N. (2012). Urban Education in the United States. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. Dakar, Senegal (West Africa).
  • Johnson-Bailey, J., Carter, N. & Guy, T. (2011) Study abroad experiences, Transformative Learning: Examining & challenging western perspectives. Transformative Learning Conference, Athens, Greece.
  • LeBlanc, J. & Carter, N. (2011). Global Perspectives on Urban Education: Literature Review and Personal Reflections of Parallel Equity Issues in the United States, India and China. World Educational Research Association, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
  • Carter, N. (2010). Research in urban education: Best practices for global learners. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Hamburg, Germany.
  • Carter, N. (2010). Conference organizer and presenter. The International Conference/Symposium on Research in Urban Education: Best Practices for Global Learners, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Carter, N.P. (2010). Conference organizer and presenter. The International Conference/Symposium on Research in Urban Education: Best Practices for Global Learners, Livingstone, Zambia.

Presentations at National, State and Local conferences

  • Reid, N., Nipple, K., *Griffen, A.J., Rockins, N., and Willis, P. (2013). PBIS: The Aldine way. Region IV Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Conference. Houston, Texas.
  • Griffen, A. J. and Cain, A. D. (2012). The Aldine Way Project: Chronicling the oral histories of the Aldine way. Texas Oral History Association Conference.Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.
  • Griffen, A. J. (2012). The symbiotic relationship of narrative analysis and oral history: thematic, linguistic and social analysis. Texas Oral History Association Conference. Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.
  • Henry, P. & Carter, N. (2011). Cultural socialization process of effective educators of students of color in an elementary school district. The American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA.
  • Malhan, J., & Carter, N. (2011). Perceptions of selected AP teachers of urban secondary schools in Texas about their teaching styles and success on AP exams. The American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA.
  • Carter, N.P, Williams, K., Skinner, D. & Malhan, J. (2010). Improving instruction for teachers of African American learners. Association of Teacher Educators, Chicago, IL.
  • Carter, N.P., Webb-Johnson, G. & Williams, K. (2009, February). An Examination of Attitudes, Perceptions and Belief Systems of Teachers in an Urban School District: The Instrument, Findings and New Insights for Teacher Preparation and Professional Development. The Association of Teacher Educators (ATE). Paper presented at the annual meeting of The Association of Teacher Educators. Dallas, TX.